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Erik Barnes




Welcome! I started Retirement Portfolio Partners with the idea of elevating the standard of financial planning. I've spent my most of my career in the investment management industry- helping clients manage their portfolios and plan for retirement. In addition to a BA in Economics, I have a Certified Pension Trustee certificate by the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association and currently serve as trustee on the police pension fund.

My discontent with the current lack of transparency in AUM fee and commission compensation structures that leads to advisors extracting unreasonable fees from unsuspecting consumers led to the creation of Retirement Portfolio Partners.

Every day, I find new ways to better serve my clients.

Learn More About Me

North Central College

I have a B.A. in Economics from North Central College in Naperville, IL. I was also on the swim team there. CARDINALS RULE!

Chippewa Flowage

I spend the month of July camping (trailer) with my family in Hayward, WI on Lake Chippewa. I have been going here since I was 5 years old. You can find me at Musky Tale Resort on my laptop.

What Do You Do

My kids think I design video games, because I sit at a desk in front of 3 monitors. Trying to explain financial planning to adults is tough enough so my kids get a pass until they can contribute to a ROTH IRA (ask my oldest daughter).

Book Club

I don't golf but I do read 100+ books each year. So if you are looking for a recommendation I can help. Check out my list


I vacation in only two places, Wisconsin and IRB (Indian Rocks Beach, FL). If you are looking for a good laid back place to eat check out Grouper's and tell Adam, I said "Hello"


I can't cook at all. Thank goodness my wife can cook. But I do love to eat! Check out a few of my favorite places: